​​​​​A Young Women’s Preparatory Network anti-bias program, pursuing empathy and equity through education.


Our goals for RSH ensure that our young women are leaders in social change. We collaborate with social justice organizations to ensure our programming is intentional and effective. Our progress towards ensuring responsible leadership of our students is measured through student, teacher, and parent engagement, knowledge based surveys, and the awareness of our students in everyday biases with intentional efforts to correct them. Teaching students to understand the impact of injustice is a critical step toward creating change - the essence of our core values at YWPN.

Young Women's Preparatory Network (YWPN) established Respect Starts Here - Listen, Learn, and Act (RSH), a program that allows students and teachers to have meaningful discussions about issues of social justice and bias in our society with a focus on race, class, and gender. 

Understanding that education provides the pathway to sustainable and systemic change, we developed a multi-year curriculum, for middle school and high school students, of customized lessons focused on teaching anti-bias and social justice, called Respect Starts Here - Listen, Learn, Act (RSH).

RSH teaches students and teachers how to have meaningful conversations to discuss issues of social justice and bias in our society with a focus on race, class, and gender.

This curriculum is absolutely critical to our students’ educational development, readying them to form their own opinions and respond to current events, rather than be bystanders in conversations.



​​Our mission is to facilitate a year round program that generates empathy and a passion for equity within our schools. We bring together students in a safe environment to discuss issues of social justice, educating students on the implications of bias in our society with a focus on race, class, and gender. Through open discussion and narratives, we emphasize empathy for those from all different backgrounds.

The significance of this program will continue to grow through a leadership model, entrusting students and faculty to lead other schools in this effort. With this we strive to empower the school populations to find creative ways to promote equity in their communities and beyond.



Our Goals

​​​​​​Patty Leyendecker

Chief Development Officer