​​​​​A Young Women’s Preparatory Network anti-bias program, pursuing empathy and equity through education.


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Teaching empathy, better candidates, Museum Tower and soccer:  Lynn McBee, CEO of YWPN, wrote an editorial over the RSH program that initiated at Irma Rangel YWLS.

Young Women’s Preparatory Network’s anti-bias program “Respect Starts Here—Listen, Learn, and Act” featured student art show:  RSH Student Art Exhibit at Talley Dunn Gallery. 

Students Showcase Respect in Art Projects:  Art projects focused on respect, love, heroes and peacemakers were on display at a gallery in Dallas this week.

Young Women’s Preparatory Network Art Show At Talley Dunn Gallery Showcased The Theme Of “Respect Starts Here”: Respect Starts Here art showcased at Talley Dunn Gallery. 

Irma Rangel Students Turn Anti-Bias Lessons into Art: Irma Lerma Rangel YWLS students created art as part of an anti-bias program to pursue empathy and equity through education.